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13 December 2006 @ 06:45 am
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I want to invite you join A Mommys World for FREE! This is the biggest and best parenting website out there. We have forums for almost every subject you can think of.
We cater to everyone’s needs….. mommys, daddys, punks, lesbians, Goths, vegans, and more. We do not discriminate or judge. We welcome everyone with open arms.

You can make A Mommys World your own by changing the look. We have over 50 themes for you to choose from so you can go to a site that feels like home.

By joining A Mommy’s World you will have FREE access to a monthly E-zine, polls, games, contests, articles on parenting to arts and crafts, and we even have birth clubs and local forums so you can meet others in your area. We also have a store where you can shop for great items for you whole family.
If you love Myspace you will definitely love AMW!

Don’t be shy come check us out, I guarantee you will love it!

A Mommys World
Where all the cool moms are


Thanks for your time and I really hope to see you soon!
Mamabuns2 (a.k.a Ranee for those who know me!